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Website Optimization

Optimize Your Website the Right Way!

Optimizing your website doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Having the right team at your fingertips can make all the difference. An experienced web design team can point out and correct common mistakes without giving you all the headaches.

Why Fixing Your Website Issues is Important!

Just fixing on-page website issues will impact your ranking and visibility, and that is why it is even essential today to make sure you’re meeting those requirements set for by companies such as Google.

Google, among other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo, relies heavily on the data that your site provides to understand how and where to place you in the search rankings.

If your site is incorrectly optimized, you are missing out on some of the critical indicators these search engines use to rank and categorize your site.

Ultimately, you are losing a lot of potential clients!
why fixing website issues is important

Where Do I Start?

While some changes are simple and can be completed quickly, others take a more detailed approach. Search Engine meta tags such as title and description, alt-text for images, and headings (h1, h2, etc.) can be updated relatively easily.

In today’s world, it’s not just your website setup and optimization that should be your concern, but also, is it compliant? Compliance is a much more significant concern these days. We are hearing more and more of our customers being victims of ADA website compliance lawsuits. This alone is alarming and of concern for most website owners. Additionally, Google now heavily weighs your site’s security; an SSL isn’t an option anymore; it’s a requirement.

Where do I start to optimize my website

For most basic website owners, this is overwhelming.

  • How do I make my website safe?

  • What is ADA compliance?

  • What are ALT Text, Metatags, and H1s?

  • Is my website even mobile-friendly?

How can a business owner be expected to understand all the nuances of website optimization?

It’s almost impossible!

Digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape. As quickly as you learn how to do something, a new and better way comes out. There are ridiculous amounts of tools, and who knows which ones will bring any value?

if you have issues we can help optimize your website

Change Made Simple

That’s where we come in. Business Nucleus can work with you to improve your entire web presence without breaking the bank. Our process-driven approach looks at the profile of a website from the ground up, creates an action plan for correction, and executes.

We employ the latest in web best practices with every site we develop. Our experience speaks for itself developing years of successful marketing strategies for our clients.

If You Have Issues, We Can Help!

With over 15 years of design, development, and website optimization experience, our US based team can provide the direction and support you need to succeed online.

We will help you evaluate and make the best decisions for one of the most critical aspects of your business, your Website!

Let’s take some time to review your audit and discuss your options.

Make your dream reality

Setup a Quick call for us to review your audit with you, it may be the best 15 minutes you’ve spent in a long time.


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