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Email marketing is probably one of the oldest and simplest forms of online marketing. But it is still one of the most effective. Despite people complaining that their inboxes are always full, emails and newsletters that provide real interest and value are being opened and shared by hundreds and thousands of American consumers every day.

Emails are a great way to stay connected with your audience. They allow your company to increase your brand exposure, and present as an authority in your field. Good reasons to consider a strategic email campaign from Business Nucleus.

How Email Campaigns Work


Email campaigns send your marketing message directly to your target audience. They are a vital marketing tool that provides an opportunity for informal, interactive communication with both existing customers and prospective clients.

The most common type of email marketing takes the form of a newsletter. This email marketing method is usually based on a customer’s willingness to receive your emails. Campaigns provide information on special offers, daily deals, ads, follow-up communications, and email courses. It requires that the end-user gives their permission, usually by signing up and agreeing to a confirmation email.

Email marketing is popular with a lot of businesses because the method is quick and easy to set up and use. And when it’s done right, i.e. as part of an overall digital marketing strategy, it can create substantial profits. This is where we come in.

Business Nucleus can help you compile a list of clients, prospective customers, and subscribers who are interested in hearing from you. We will then launch a marketing campaign to ensure your business remains front and center, which ultimately generates more sales.

How eMail Campaign Funnels Work

Cost-Effective and Environmentally Friendly


Going digital is much less expensive than printing ads and newsletters, stuffing them in envelopes, and sending them off by snail mail. Our team of experts at Business Nucleus will work with you to design an attractive and effective template you can reuse over and over again. Your message will get where it needs to go instantly. Plus, you’ll also save some trees in the process too!

We’ll Improve Your Brand Recognition


Email marketing presents your brand logo and name to your audience. Your tagline, dedicated font, and color palette are visible in all your email communications. This subconsciously builds brand awareness and recognition even if your readers are only exposed for a short time. And because you’re staying in touch with them regularly, you’ll be foremost in their minds. The result is that they will think of your company first when they need a product or service. Plus, they’ll refer you to family and friends, too.

We’ll Improve Your Credibility


Our experts will make darned sure that your email marketing is interesting and full of value. A dedicated email campaign is one of the ways we grow your target market’s trust, and smooth the way to promote and sell your company’s services and products. You’ll be able to keep clients updated with information about offers, promotions, and events such as the launch of a new product. This will not only persuade old customers to keep coming back to you time and time again but via referrals and reviews, you’ll win new customers too.

We’ll Help Grow Your Network


Business Nucleus can design and implement an email marketing strategy that will enable you to expand your network. One way we do this is to add an email address capture option to your web pages. When visitors to your website enter their name and email address, they automatically permit you to send them marketing emails.

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Email marketing is just one of the many services we offer at Business Nucleus. Our expert team provides digital marketing services in New York and Long Island, as well as NJ and CA. Call 516-388-7100 now, and let’s get your strategic email campaign up and running today.

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