Search Retargeting

Business Nucleus’ is leading the industry with our keyword-level search retargeting strategy.

Enable your business to leverage the effectiveness of search with the vast reach and impact of display. Build your brand awareness the right way with Business Nucleus.

We capture user intent data while a visitor is searching and utilize one of the most effective data driven targeting tactics available.

Search retargeting allows advertisers to focus on their businesses best prospects using display ads. We collect data from users that have performed searches across the web. This isn’t just Google, but actual searches within websites.

In other words, if someone was searching for XYZ product on a particular website, we can collect that data and use it to retarget them with your businesses ads on other mediums. It goes beyond Google Search by allowing you to gain access to more search data and apply that data to your marketing tactic to further your audience development.

Business Nucleus Advantages

Keyword-level bidding structure, optimization, and reporting – Business Nucleus provides transparent visibility and control for each targeted keyword. As with other search marketing platforms, having the capability to adjust bidding for each keyword is essential to a successful campaign.

Variable Recency – Business Nucleus provides variable targeting / bidding solutions based on how recent a search was performed. As an example, advertisements can be shown to users that have searched within the last 15 seconds or even 15 days of their last search. Variable Recency is an important consideration when optimizing for CPA, CPC, and CTR.

Complete Transparency – Business Nucleus allows advertisers to know how much is being spent for media, data, and platform costs. We keep our pricing clear and concise and simple to manage for businesses. Additionally, advertising businesses can see spend / performance for each individual keyword, domain, data exchange, time of day, and even more. We do not use CPM arbitrage at BN.