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It’s no longer news that digital marketing is helping many SMBs expand their reach and boost the awareness of their target audiences. Healthcare is no exception. And with almost 80% of all Americans using their smartphones to browse social and digital media for up to six hours every day, it’s easy to see why.

Search terms concerning healthcare make up about one-third of all queries on Google. That is millions of online searches every single day. Healthcare providers have two options to choose from– react to this phenomenon, or miss out on a golden opportunity to grow their businesses.

That said, creating a transparent online presence and launching an effective, targeted digital marketing campaign could be both expensive and time-consuming.

That’s where we come in.

Business Nucleus has been helping a wide variety of companies develop online strategies that send customers to their brick and mortar business in droves. And if you run a healthcare practice, we can help you too.

How Business Nucleus Makes Things Happen

Our marketing experts start with an in-depth study of all the data relevant to your location and your healthcare business. Once we have the data, our next step is to examine and analyze the online activity and search habits of your potential patients. We then target your prospects with information- specific content and provide a link to your website.

Our team at Business Nucleus creates content explicitly designed to encourage patients to visit your website. We also know how to make your brand appear favourable. To that end we can, for example, produce informative and entertaining healthcare videos to engage anyone who types a selection of search terms into Google. This kind of quality content improves your healthcare practice’s media visibility. It also offers your healthcare business a huge competitive advantage.

This tried and trusted marketing method means that your healthcare practice appears top of the search engine lists, well ahead of your competition. We’ll help establish you as the local go-to healthcare authority while cutting the overall cost of your advertising efforts. Bottom line is–you’ll be there for your target audience when they need you most.

Business Nucleus Is Here to Help

As part of our service, Business Nucleus will develop strategies to increase leads and conversions on your website. Our goal here is to create a bond of trust with your patients so that the next time they have a health issue, or a friend asks them for a reference, your name will be etched in their minds.

Business Nucleus can also help you take control of your online reputation. We’ll keep track of what your patients are saying about you online by monitoring a range of platforms and forums, as well as address any negative comments on your behalf.

Business Nucleus understands that word of mouth advertising can be a powerful assist in the digital marketing. We provide you with the opportunity to respond directly to feedback, answer queries, and reply to your reviews. This gives your company that personal touch other healthcare practices may lack.

Online Marketing is an Art. And a Science

Our experts at Business Nucleus can put together a fact-and-figure driven online marketing strategy tailored to your practice. Our consultants specialize in SEO and SEM, and have a vast experience in creating marketing techniques that ensure the search rankings for your website not only improve, but remain relevant to your audience.

Business Nucleus can make sure potential patients find you first when they search for medical help in New York, Long Island, NJ and CA. With our help, you can reach out to over 90% of all residents in your locality.

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Potential patients are using online searches to find answers to questions, ask advice, and arrange appointments with their local healthcare provider. You owe it to yourself and your business to keep up with this evolution.

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