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By leveraging paid advertising on Search Engines such as Google Adwords and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin, businesses can target ads even for the most ultra-specific customer avatars.

We can target users by what they search for, what they are interested in, their online behaviors, and where they live.

The best platforms depend on your business’s target audience and where they “hang out.”

Paid Advertising Types

You will hear paid advertising being referred to in many instances as “Pay-Per-Click” (PPC) or Pay-Per-Impression (PPM – Pay-Per-Mille). These types of advertisements either focus on getting you the most clicks or the most visibility. They both focus on getting your message delivered to the right audience. As for PPC, advertisers using this method pay based on ad clicks. If a user clicks on your advertisement, you pay a per-click fee. In a PPM based system, advertisers pay for views. 

Let’s say you were a brand that wanted to announce a new product you were carrying. During the branding stage, you may want to use a PPM based system to create awareness of your product. You could pair this awareness campaign along with a PPC campaign that targets buyer intent, effectively building awareness, and re-targeting of interested buyers.

Paid Advertising Services

Paid Advertising Platforms

Google Ads

One of the most popular programs for paid advertising is Google Ads. Google collects a ton of data about user behavior and uses this data to streamline its ad delivery effectively using the Google Ad platform. They use this data to help you market your business advertisements to specific audiences. Their ad system is focused on impressions (views) or clicks (actual visitors). The prior is used for branding and visibility while the latter for intent-based advertising.

Business Nucleus will work with you to identify your key audience, keywords, and targeting radius that nets your business the best results. By the use of detailed analytics, testing of your ads performance, and optimization techniques, we provide a fully managed solution for your business advertising needs. Whether you’re looking for more people to see your business name or want your phone to ring, we can help.


Using Facebook Ad Manager, you can create ads to promote your product via social media. Much like Google Ads, Facebook Ads is a paid model utilizing either an impression based or Per-Click strategy. Facebook advertising 


Another significant marketing opportunity for businesses to consider is Instagram. Instagram Advertising has been growing year over year. Owned by Facebook, Instagram offers similar paid marketing opportunities. Using Photo / Photo Carousel or Video advertisements on Instagram can boost brand visibility. Ads on Instagram have a high viewership; your business can use them to promote new events, products, and services.

Paid Advertising Strategy
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If you are looking for a short-term lead gen solution or just looking to supplement your existing marketing strategy, then PPC and PPM campaigns are a great option. They deliver and drive measurable results, and can be set up and rolled out quickly.

Business Nucleus is a Certified Google Advertising Partner with years of experience building successful campaigns for our clients.

Everything is run in-house at Business Nucleus, allowing us to keep costs manageable and offer an agile and dynamically managed campaign.

Please contact us today for a Free Paid Advertising consultation. We can discuss the best options for your particular product or service. 

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