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Law Firm Marketing

We’ll design your perfect online presence, increase your firm’s social media engagement and implement our vast experience to create efficient and advertising campaigns that get real results.

Business Nucleus will also take care of all your creative content needs, providing engaging articles, videos, and use media marketing methods that keep search engine users coming back to your firm’s webpages, but that’s not all we do.

Marketing Strategists

We look for every opportunity to increase your business’s profit potential utilizing industry best practices and our years of experience in marketing. From planning to execution we analyze and develop a dynamic strategy using a processed approach that focuses on communication and delivering results.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Specialists

Our team of certified PPC experts has decades of experience driving leads to our clients. Whether you are looking to improve ROI, improve visibility, branding, or generate consistent quality leads we cater to the intricacies of legal marketing.

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We Build Strong Websites

Your law firm needs a powerful, professional-looking website to compete in a market that is overflowing with competitors, especially if your goal is to attract local client’s to your bricks and mortar premises. Think of your website as your digital marketing foundation. It’s the ideal place to provide important information about the services you offer, your firm’s values, and its practices.

A great website also allows you to post engaging, informative content to keep your current and potential clients interested. You could even offer a free online question and answer service to reinforce your reputation as the leading local authority in your field.

We Implement Effective SEO

Over the years, we’ve seen SEO work wonders for law firms in NY, NJ, and CA. Our team targets local keywords so your company effortlessly appears in relevant search results. This improves your visibility and attracts many more clients to your law business.

Business Nucleus experts can optimize each page of your website to improve their individual search engine readability. Images, video, high-quality links, and HTML tagging are just a few of the tried and trusted digital strategies we can put at your disposal.

Business Nucleus has helped companies and brands in all business and industrial sectors improve their online reach and increase their turnover. Particularly malpractice firms, firms dealing in criminal law and divorce lawyers, lend themselves to high-impact SEO methods.

We Kickstart your Social Media Marketing

Over 3 billion people use social media, which makes Twitter, Facebook, and other similar websites crucial digital marketing tools and great influencers.

Social media platforms provide word of mouth advertising to boost your firm’s image and help you engage with potential clients before they even walk into your office. Perhaps the icing on the cake is you can also respond directly to questions and queries via direct messaging and forum comments.


Why is Online Marketing an Art and Science?

At Business Nucleus we know what motivates a potential customer to pick up their phone and call your firm.

First and foremost, you need an optimized website to make a great first impression.
Next, you need to give your online reach a boost on a whole range of social media platforms.

With that done, you require an understanding of all the relevant online marketing tools such as SEO, SEA, PPC and many more, to make sure your law firm secures top spot for money anchors in the search engine rankings.

Finally, your digital marketing strategy should be built around not just data and statistics, but around your overall internet presence.

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We’ll Improve Your Online Presence

For best results, you need a robust online presence and a dedicated social media strategy.

Business Nucleus provides a wide range of solutions for your law firm—from content marketing, email marketing campaigns, to geo-fencing to click-to-call, and much more.

Our team of talented marketers is waiting to take your firm to the next level.

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