Local Citation and Review Management

I’m sure you’ve been hearing the news about “Review and Reputation Management” and the buzz about “Local Marketing” for your business.  

Let’s start with the first part, Review and Reputation Management.

What exactly is rep management and why should your business even consider it?

In a nutshell, Reputation Management is actively monitoring and engaging with your online users. Whether it be for a good experience they had with your business or a negative one. You will want to make sure you pay attention to everyone and thinking ahead is the best solution. 

Consumers are 21% more inclined to leave a review after an unpleasant experience.

A business, more importantly YOUR business, needs to have a proactive approach. Managing your reputation the right way gives YOUR business an edge.
Google Local Marketing Top 3

Why Your Business Needs Local Marketing.

Local Marketing on the other hand helps your business get seen. It’s a great way for a small business to be found on all the major search engines and directories in your surrounding geographical areas.

Where phone books were the solution for businesses in the past, now there are vast digital solutions and Local Marketing will help build the digital foundation for your business.

Getting listed in Google Local Listings is valuable for your business. Having your listing show up on the top of the local listings is invaluable. Your business will see more traffic and clients from relevant customers in your service area. The best customer base you can acquire.

You might be saying,  how do I even start something like this? I have no clue where to even begin.

Managing Your Business Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!

Business Nucleus has worked tirelessly to put together a program that is both useful and easy to use.

Our simple to use dashboard puts you in control of your business’s reputation and local marketing in one easily managed location.

Not only is our program intuitive, a novice could operate it. It saves time, money, and headaches by centralizing a few very important tasks for your business, namely your reputation and local online visibility.

Our solution is on-point, our pricing is unreal. Companies offer our same solutions for easily 3x more (monthly) than what we offer it for.

It’s the truth, you can look around for yourself.

Average costs for a service like this will run you 3k per year, not including the HUGE bonus of having your local marketing in place as well. You would need to pay another service like YEXT for that. That alone would cost you upwards of 1k a year.

That’s over 4k a year coming out of your marketing budget to cover managing your reputation and doing basic local marketing, and that’s on the cheap end of the scale. 

Business Nucleus Local Citation and Review Management Dashboard Overview
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We realized this is out of reach for MANY businesses. The industry needed a solution for the rest of us, the companies that need these features to BUILD their business.

After a year of development…  we introduce the Nucleus Dashboard.

With our instant access dashboard you will be able to:

  1. Manage reviews from all major review platforms within your own dashboard. No more going from Yelp to Facebook to Google in order to respond to reviews. Everything in one place!
  2. Send review request emails and SMS directly to your customers from within your dashboard. Our review generation system focuses on getting you the best reviews and helps you address concerns before they become bad reviews.
  3. Manage over 50 major citation sites with the click of a button. You add your profile and within 72hrs we have your business listings set up and running. We are serious, you can do this in about 10 minutes with our platform.

We do the heavy lifting for all your reputation and local marketing needs.

YOU get to sit back and watch it all happen.
Schedule a call with our team to discuss how our Nucleus Reputation and Local Marketing Dashboard can help excel your business.
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