Digital Marketing for the Hospitality Industry

Retain and Increase Your Customers

Of all the industries, hospitality is probably one of the most affected by digital trends.

Hospitality deals with hundreds and thousands of guests and tourists every day. Many of these would-be customers have spent hours online researching hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, and places of interest before they make that initial call to your reception desk.

Digital marketing has become the most practical way of reaching these potential customers and getting them onboard in next to no time.

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How Business Nucleus Makes Things Happen

Over the years, we’ve developed a range of strategies that have shown to be highly effective in the hospitality industry. Our team of expert online marketers focuses on boosting your online reach by placing your business at the very top of all local search engine results in your specific sector.

Here are just a few examples of how we can help you:

Content Marketing

This strategy works well for all aspects of the hospitality sector. We create content that includes pictures, video content, articles, and social media posts that subtly generate interest in your business. The goal here is to inform customers that your brick-and-mortar establishment exists, where they can find you, and how they can get in touch. And we wrap it all up in attractive and informative content. This strategy is also great for customer retention because it keeps your returning guests engaged and in the loop about special deals and any other services you offer.

SEO for the hospitality industry

80% of all Internet traffic begins with a search engine phrase. Search Engine Optimization aims to increase your rankings on search engine result pages. For example, if a potential client types “Hotels in New York” into Google, they will almost always click on the results that appear at the top of the first page. Business Nucleus can place your business on top of that page, helping to direct more traffic to your web pages.


Search engine results are split into two camps; organic and paid. Achieving top ranking with organic results alone can be done, but it takes a lot of time and effort. Search Engine Marketing helps you get to the top of the search results page quickly.

While extremely useful, SEM requires a lot of technical input. 

Social Media Presence

Most Internet users spend up to a third of their online time visiting social media platforms, which makes Facebook, Twitter, and Co. the perfect medium to market your hospitality business. It’s also the place where people love to share their happy holiday pics and enjoyable vacation experiences. Our social media marketing strategy reaches out to users on all of the most popular social networking sites to create a real buzz around your brand.

Email Campaigns

Targeted email campaigns are probably the oldest method of digital marketing out there, but they haven’t lost relevance. Regular emails are still a great way to retain existing clients. Hospitality businesses like yours can keep customers up-to-date with special offers and fresh products.

For example, if you run tours of Long Island or events in New York, what better way to keep your local customers informed? Our creative team can pen newsletters full of exciting information to entice customers into engaging with your services and send them out on your behalf.

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Online Marketing is an Art and Science

Business Nucleus’ team of experts combines outstanding creativity with years of digital marketing experience to design stunning websites for the hospitality business.

We create relevant and attractive content as part of a dedicated marketing strategy, and we’ll back it all up with statistics and data to track the impact of your online presence.

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Besides all of the above, our team offers a whole range of other services that can give your hospitality business an instant boost– including PPC, Click to Call, and call center services.

With Business Nucleus on your team, you’ll be able to reach more potential clients and customers than you ever dreamed possible.

Call us today for a no-obligation consultation on 516-388-7100, and talk to one of our digital marketing experts.

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