OTT CTV advertising

OTT and CTV Advertising

Business Nucleus’s cutting-edge Over-The-Top / OTT and Connected-TV offerings help your business reach consumers that are streaming content in their homes. Our unmatched precision allows granular audience targeting and attribution for both on and offline conversions.

Business Nucleus’ OTT and CTV advertising solutions use GPS data to distribute ads to specific households. We accomplish this using first-party address listings, curated addressable audiences, and behavior data. We then are able to track in-store physical visits and web conversions from your targeted demographics.

We help businesses increase their reach by utilizing industry-leading inventory sources, exchanges, portable / in-home devices, and programs.

Benefits of CTV Advertising

Granular Audience Targeting


Specific address-based targeting utilizing GPS data that serve OTT/CTV ads. Leading-edge precision and scalability. Upload your list and Business Nucleus matches each address to a validated list. The system allows us to geo-fence the exact location of the property based on a boundary we define.


Target users based on keywords, context, and other behavior. Business Nucleus offers specific keyword-based control and analytics for Connected TV advertising.


Custom audience curation using 500+ location / demographic filters for targeting in the home. Audience building in real-time with access to over 125 million U.S. addressable households. Dynamic audience building using your chosen factors.

Track what Matters Most

Measure both online and offline conversions directly to the CTV campaigns you run. With Business Nucleus optimization and reporting is easy. Track either browser or physical store visit conversions. Not many companies can offer physical tracking analytics as we can. The difference is measurable.

How Does it Work?

Business Nucleus’ associates all of a user’s devices with a single address. We link their smartphone, tablet, PC, and Connected TV devices. We can identify internet-connected devices within the property based on our data signals, GPS coordinates from apps, IP address, and even more. When a user gets served an OTT/CTV ad on their connected device, Business Nucleus tracks the conversions.

Online Conversions

With Business Nucleus OTT/CTV analytics you can track webpage visits, purchases, and form fills from users that were served your ads. Optimization and reporting for CPA (Cost-Per-Action) helping drive performance and gauge your return-on-investment.

Offline Conversions

When a user gets served an ad and then visits a physical location we consider this an offline conversion. Business Nucleus’ Conversion Lift reporting can track physical foot traffic from targeted conversion locations.

Multiple Location Conversion tracking, Device, Zip Code, and Keyword Level reporting – Over 100 Variables

Reach the Audiences that Matter Most

Over 25m U.S.A. households watch advertising-ready streaming video. Reach your best audiences with direct access to programmatic and direct sources. Covering many of the most sought after channels and TV shows including sports.


Google, Rubicon, Open X, Pubmatic, Smaato, SpotXchange, Index, Sovrn, InMobi, Beachfront, AOL, FreeWheel, Nexage, Telaria, PulsePoint, MoPub, PilotX, Nexstar Digital, Verizon Video Exchange, and more

Tons of private marketplace access with top web, app, and TV, including:

Discovery, LifeTime, Travel Channel, NBC Today, Daily Motion, Pluto, HGTV, Newsy, TLC, A&E, Fox News, CBSi, Univision, Cheddar TV, Buzzfeed, Popcornflix, USA Networks, Fox News, CNN Go, Xumo and more.

Getting Started with OTT / CTV Advertising

You can take an existing TV ad that you are running and convert it to use on our CTV networks or you can create a new video specifically for this market.

Creative Video Specifications

Sizing / Dimensions – in pixels)/Quality: 1280x720px and 1920x1080px

Audio Bitrate- 160 kbps or higher

Video Bitrate – 5.4 Mbps or higher

Preferred Format – mp4 h.264

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