Programmatic Video Advertising

The video has quickly become one of the best digital advertising strategies for building your brand and visitor engagement.  The average person spends nearly 6 hours a day looking at a screen. It’s simple, people would rather watch a video than read text.

As a business, you need to take advantage of this. Reach new customers using our programmatic video ad publishing system to reach premium audiences on premium sites.

Business Nucleus offers real-time bidding allowing you the ability to target based on online behavior or geography.

programmatic video advertising

Programmatic Video Options

Pre-Roll Video Advertisements

Get seen on sites like Forbes,,, ABC Family, Local News sites, and more. Pre-roll ads show immediately before free video content on major publisher sites.

Mid-Roll Video Advertisements

Show your video within the content. These ads are shown within longer videos and complete episodes

Post-Roll Video Advertisements

When the video ends that’s when these ads will show.

Non-Skippable Video Advertisements

15 seconds or less videos that can’t be skipped. These ensure that viewers watch the complete ad.

Skippable Video Advertisements

Skippable after the first 5 seconds if these ads are more than 15 seconds.

In-Banner Video Advertisements

Videos are converted to banner size and formatting and run in standardized display spaces.

Business Nucleus’s targeting strategies allow you to reach the right person and the right time. We can help you target users based on search, keywords, contextual, category, or by a website.

Business Nucleus Advantages

Top-Site Inventory – Business Nucleus works with DoubleClick (AdX) and SpotXchange ensuring your videos are shown to visitors on premium publishers and the top mobile applications.

Advertising Placement: Video, as opposed to other ads, is prioritized and generally shown above the fold. This allows for maximum exposure.

Transparent Reports and Analytics: Our reports include impressions served, clicks, where ads were served, number of users who watched 25, 50, and 75%, completed ads, muted/unmuted, paused/unpaused, and even those who saw the ad in full-screen mode.

Global Distribution Channel: Business Nucleus can serve ads across the globe including; the USA, Latin America, and Europe

Contact Business Nucleus today to discuss how Video Advertising can help your business reach new audiences.
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