Digital Marketing for Electricians

Take your Electrical Service Business to the next level.

Digital Marketing for Electricians

As many consumers don’t require electricians on an ongoing basis, it can be hard to develop a loyal customer base. While you may find some success by building brand loyalty, the reality is that many of your customers will be first-time, one-off clients. So the next thing to think about is, how do you find them? Or rather, how do you ensure that they find you?

By now, you must have noticed that we are living in an increasingly digital world, and like your customers, you no doubt turn to your phone or computer daily to find answers to your most pressing questions. Have you taken steps to ensure that when residents in your area need an electrician, it’s your company that they find?

Why Digital Marketing is a Must for Electricians

Besides being extremely busy, most people who run a home services business doesn’t have the marketing savvy to implement a truly effective online strategy. Business Nucleus has what it takes. Our clients are local business owners, from electricians to plumbers to carpenters, and people like you who offer home services. What our clients all have in common is that they want their businesses to grow.

At Business Nucleus, we have access to analytical tools, metrics and data, and the in-depth knowledge that can maximize your digital marketing. Plus, we understand the challenges faced by home service businesses in today’s fast-paced world. Which is why we are able to look at ways that address those challenges, and design dedicated online marketing campaigns to really boost your bottom line.

How Business Nucleus Makes Things Happen

Simply put, Business Nucleus develops online marketing plans that target your potential clients. By utilizing tools like SEO, PPC, social media management, and more, we can help you connect with customers who need your help right now.

Our Services

One reason businesses shy away from online advertising is that they will waste their marketing dollars on targeting individuals who would never become customers. To be fair, if you were presenting advertisements to users in Florida when your business is in California, your money would be going to waste.

This is why our services are geared toward your industry and demographic. This reduces costly marketing dollars being wasted while building your best customer base.

We offer a variety of strategies to increase your lead generation and customer retention.

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising – Google Ads

  • Social Media Management – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

  • Programmatic Geo-Fencing – Addressable Geo-fencing, CTV advertising

  • Local Advertising

  • SEO and Website Development

Why Your Mobile Experience Matters –Customers don’t tend to hold on to business cards anymore. But they do take their phones with them everywhere they go, so if you can find a way to get your business on their phone, you’ll always be with them. But how do you do it?

The most effective strategy for keeping your business name fresh in customers’ minds in building engagement. When a previous client likes or follows your business on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, they’ll be reminded of you every time you make a post. We’ll work with you to manage these channels, from content creation to social engagement. 

Digital Marketing: An Art and A Science for Electrical Service Providers

Did you know that only 2% of all home service companies showed up when customers needed them most?

This represents a massive opportunity for businesses that can be found easily and can react quickly.

For example, when a potential customer types “electrician near me” into a search engine and your company shows up at the top of the results page, you can guess who that customer will call first. The top 3 local listings get the most calls, being at the top of the list is essential. 

Then let’s say that you get to the customer’s premises in an hour or two, and you’ve already made a great impression. Now you carry out the work to the customer’s satisfaction, and then some, and the word of mouth recommendations and glowing online reviews are practically guaranteed.

But all this starts with your level of online visibility. Business Nucleus can help place your electrical business at the top of the local search engine results pages. T

Once we’ve done that, we start to make your presence known on social media platforms and forums.

We can build you a first-class website and fill it with quality images, video, and written content.

We’ll even organize and implement an effective email campaign that helps you win new customers and retain existing ones. But that’s not all we do:

We Help You Reach the Right People

Business Nucleus gets that each industry is different and needs a tailored approach to be there at the right time. A company looking to find commercial electrical contracts compared to residential home wiring will have a different digital strategy.

At Business Nucleus, we use data to make ongoing optimizations to campaigns and campaign strategy.  By doing so we keep ROI and performance as the key objective of every strategy.

We Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Friendly

Most Americans are spending their onscreen time on their tablets and smartphones.  It’s not just important that your website is mobile-friendly, it’s now a requirement.

Business Nucleus can design and build your perfect website that focuses on customer attribution and conversion.

This means that your potential customers can always find you, and it puts your company one step ahead of your competition.

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