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Pay For Performance Digital Marketing

Introducing a new way to generate real leads for your business.

Business Nucleus is focused on delivering results for our clients. We are constantly analyzing the best marketing methods for each industry we work in.

With years of experience, Business Nucleus has been able to create highly effective marketing strategies that deliver results.

We are so confident in our strategies; we are willing to put our money where our mouth is.
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Our Pay for Performance model offers the convenience of having your own marketing team at your fingertips without all the added expense.

Business Nucleus believes in offering the very best in digital marketing services. That is why we have eliminated all management fees for qualifying clients.

What is Pay for Performance?

Pay for Performance, or PFP as we like to call it, is our method of providing top-notch Google Ad campaign management without management fees.

Typically, most marketing companies charge a monthly fee to manage Google Ad campaigns. They do not guarantee any results and you can be left holding the bag every month if these ads are not optimized or set up properly. Wasting valuable marketing dollars for services that don’t deliver to your expectations.

How does Pay for Performance work?

With Business Nucleus’ PFP program, you only pay us if you get a lead. That’s right, we set up, optimize, and manage your account at virtually no expense to you besides your set ad budget. If you get a legitimate lead from the advertising we manage for you, you pay a small per-lead cost.

With PFP we only make money if you make money, the way it should be.

We find the best keywords to target, design your ads, setup and optimize your Google Ad campaigns, and deploy your advertising using our certified Google Ad team.

With our Pay for Performance model we stand behind our quality and experience by offering a feeless marketing strategy focused on delivering real results.

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Is Pay for Performance the right choice for my business?

Is Pay for Performance the right choice for my business?

Pay for Performance just like any other marketing strategy isn’t for every business. To create a highly effective campaign that truly works we need to understand your business goals.

With our 1 on 1 business discovery consultation, we can do just that. Business Nucleus wants to understand your business completely. This allows us to make educated decisions regarding your marketing plan that are in line with your business goals and meet your expectations as a client.

If your current advertising strategy isn’t meeting your expectations allow us to better streamline your budget and results. We can improve almost any campaign with our experienced analytics team and find the best opportunities for conversion. In turn, improving your Google Ad conversion and bid spends.

How Do I Get Started with Pay For Performance?

It’s easy, and we take care of most of the work for you. That’s the beauty of our PFP program.

We schedule an initial discovery call with you and your business to understand what you are currently doing and where you want to be. We then submit our proposal to you for review. Once accepted, we move ahead with building out your Google Ads and deploying your campaign. We then monitor and tweak the campaign to optimize for conversions based on the analytics we receive from your program. We report to you monthly to review leads, conversions, and the overall strategy.

Our PFP program requires minimal management while obtaining the best results.

Who is PFP Right For, and What Does it cost?

Pay-for-Performance is a Google Ads program geared toward home service businesses where consistent leads can be generated and tracked.

PFP is designed to be a pay-per-lead model. Ad spend for Google advertising campaigns is not included. We charge a flat rate per lead based on Google-tracked conversions for our management fee.

Why Choose Business Nucleus?

Business Nucleus has been in the digital marketing agency business for over 15 years. We know how to build success with our clients. Our experience and time-tested techniques will bring value to your business.

We can help align your entire marketing strategy from the ground up and customize the right plan for YOUR business. We don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach when it comes to marketing. Each business is unique, and so should its online marketing strategy. The web is dynamic, and that is the approach we take.

Contact us today for a free consultation and business discovery session.
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