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Joe Perhauz

Hi, this is Joe, your local marketing specialist!

I have been a resident of Commack since 2005.  My 2 children went to Indian Hollow Elementary, Burr Intermediate, Commack Middle School and, Commack High School. They have participated in Commack North softball and baseball teams in addition to CYO basketball at Christ the King Church and local private travel teams.

We love Commack and I personally love working and helping local residents grow their businesses.

With over 20 years of marketing experience both online and offline. My passion is to exceed my clients’ expectations, grow their business and develop relationships.

I enjoy working with many different industries, always learning, and providing sound marketing solutions that meet their budget, goals, and expectations. As I say frequently, perception is reality, you first need to understand the needs of the business, research the landscape of the competition, and separate them from their competitors to gain authority in the eyes of their potential customers and Google.

If there's a challenge, we're here with the solution. But what we're really about is helping your business grow.


Improve your business visibility and boost website traffic with our cutting-edge digital marketing solutions!


Looking to draw in more local customers? Our acclaimed digital marketing agency is ready to assist.

We specialize in crafting precise local marketing strategies that connect you with your target audience through location-specific searches. Whether it’s “coffee shops near me” or “lawyers in greater Massapequa,” we ensure your business shines in search results.

Stay ahead of your competitors and attract top-tier leads with Business Nucleus. Allow our award-winning team to develop a winning digital marketing strategy tailored just for you!

Services We Offer


Search Engine Optimization

Growing up on Long Island and living in Massapequa for so long, I’ve come to realize that being the best SEO company requires the best technical tactics to make our clients rank organically on the 1st page of Google but it also requires a deep understanding of the towns we live in, the fierce competition for those few highly desirable top 1st page placements for Massapequa and other local searches and how Google handles this when deciding what websites and what Google Business Profiles actually make it to the 1st page.

When it comes to SEO and being the best local online marketing agency here in Massapequa and across Long Island, it takes many years of knowledge on how to rank effectively.  What worked years ago, doesn’t mean it will work now and any local, boutique online marketing agency should know this.   This is why we are different.  We consider ourselves “old school” in regards to actually physically meeting our clients…developing a deep understanding of their business but also developing a deep relationship that enables us to work most effectively and efficiently so as to not waste money or time.  We live here just like you do.  Most companies will not be able to be local.
This is how we’ve managed to grow a boutique online marketing agency from a start up to the Best of Long Island 2024 winner for web services including gaining recognition as being the best SEO agency locally.
Please reach out if you have any thoughts, questions or would be interested in learning more about how we work with our clients.
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The Business Nucleus team of expert marketing consultants provides you with strategic guidance and strategies to optimize your marketing and drive growth.


Social Media Ads

Leveraging the power of social media platforms, we create compelling ad campaigns that capture the attention of potential customers and drive them to take action.


Google Ads

When it comes to being the best Google advertising company in Commack and across Long Island, having your online marketer “near me” is so critical. Why? When it comes to online marketing for Google, especially for a paid advertising campaign, knowing the areas names and their locations, knowing areas you might not want to advertise in and understanding your target market and what to say to them once you get in front of them is critical. I have loved living in Commack and I know how much it costs to live here and the time it takes to travel short distances. I love to meet with prospective Google ads campaign clients…Understand their goals and timelines and be able to put together an advertising plan and schedule to achieve the best results possible in the most efficient way. It takes years of experience to develop this understanding and ability to make your valuable advertising budget achieve what you need and more. That is why I am so grateful for having raised my family in Commack, and to have grown up on Long Island NY

We always strive to be the best Google Advertising Company not only for ourselves but for our clients and our greater Commack and beyond communities. It takes years of experience and extensive knowledge to determine how to drive the best results, measure those results and continue to improve month after month since the Google marketing space changes so often and so dramatically.

We consider ourselves “old fashioned” but what that means to us is that we like to talk, meet, keep communication lines open and active because there is so much valuable information that needs to be shared and can be leveraged for better results for our clients. This, plus our extensive Google Advertising experience, makes us unique and helped us earn the honorable distinction of being named Long Island’s Best Of for 2024 web marketing service of which we are so proud to be recognized this way. We do NOT do contracts….we’ve built our business on the foundation that if the results are great, the communication and attention are the best…then why would any new client leave? We do NOT like to “lock” people into a contract-what if things don’t work as expected for any reason….The client should have the ability to pause or stop. T\It’s that simple….Allow myself and Business Nucleus to show you how things should be when it comes to Google advertising.


WordPress Websites

As WordPress Web Design Specialists, we focus on easy-to-use websites that convert visitors into leads.


Lead Generation

With effective lead-generation strategies, businesses can optimize marketing efforts to bring in new clients and achieve scalable success.

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With years of experience and a portfolio of successful projects, we consistently help businesses achieve their goals. Our clients rely on us to deliver impactful results they can trust.

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At Business Nucleus, our clients are central to everything we do. We take the time to listen, understand, and customize our services to fit your unique needs. Your success is our priority.

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We are dedicated to providing top-notch service and solutions. Our team consistently seeks to innovate and improve, ensuring you receive the best possible support.

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